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Tweet on Twitter Apostle Jesse Karanja and his wife That pastors have a lot of power in this our African continent is not in doubt. They are so manipulative that they can get their sheep to some astounding things that beggar belief. What certain pastor are we reporting about today? According to Citizen digital, a pastor in Bahati area, Nakuru county declined to officiate at a wedding because the couple marrying did not meet church standards. They were to undergo an HIV test and return to him with their results before he would officially marry them. The couple acquiesced and returned with their negative results for both the HIV and pregnancy test.

Missing Nakuru State House Seats Found At County Official’s Hotel

There is simply no shortage of things to do and see in this picturesque country — from waterfalls to the lovely sunsets in Kenyan parks; from the beautiful lakes to the mountains; the beaches; the Great Rift Valley; springs etc. Below, we take a look at 6 of the top rated tourist attractions in Kenya as follows: Tsavo East and Tsavo West.

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Published by night-hawk under Africa Nightlife Guides. The city is the financial and business center of East Africa, is an often frantic mix of businessmen, diplomats, tourists and locals. Nairobi Nightlife is vibrant. The residents of Nairobi are quite fun-loving and they love to attend mid-night parties. Nairobi Nightlife has something for everybody theaters, casinos, restaurants, clubs and bars. Several hotels have clubs and bars on their premises making it easy for their guests to enjoy the nightlife.

Some famous Nairobi clubs and bars are: Girls and prostitutes are all over in the bars and clubs. New Florida club in downtown Nairobi is guaranteed to send you off with a smile.

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But they are also Kikuyu. Tamms aptly calls it, Half Tribe. Brief momentary flashes that anyone can miss. For instance, there is a way Tamms sometimes yawns that can only be Luo. If you watch a Luo yawn, you will see a big yawn coming from someone who takes yawning very seriously, and at the end of it you will hear them mumble something.

Nakuru pastor demands couple undergo 3 HIV tests on wedding day, and still cancelled it Geoffrey Mbuthia – November 6, Lanes: year-old Kenyan woman making 18 million shillings a month from Kiambu club!

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Today, as for decades, nature lovers, wanderers, artists and writers are drawn to Kenya’s dazzling wildlife, varied landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The snow capped peak of Mount Kenya overlooks the Rift Valley where thousands of zebras, wildebeest, and other animals make their yearly migration. The Rift Valley is home to a fantastic array of animals including elephants, lions, cheetahs, baboons, flamingos, and many more.

The Rift Valley is also known as the cradle of humanity. Humanoid remains dating back 6 million years have been excavated on the shores of Lake Turkana.

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and the largest city in the country.. Understand []. Nairobi has a population of three million plus. Situated on the Nairobi River, the city is not only the largest and fastest growing city in Kenya, but one of the largest in Africa.

An elderly woman is seated on a wooden chair outside her home a few meters away from the business centre. She toys with the hair of one of her grandchildren and she seems to readily welcome visitors in her home regardless of their mission. However her composed body posture and nostalgic appearance is makes it difficult for one to judge her but she has a sad story to tell anyway. After serving us a cup of tea, Wanjiru gathers incredible courage to start narrating an inflicting emotional story of how her son Samwel Ng’ang’a, drunk a lethal brew and diedsometime back.

She now takes care of his widow and children. Samwel Ng’an’ga then a 36year old father of two and a habitual drunkard had been on a drinking spree with a friend the night before he died. He had ventured into his mother’s compound where he lived with his wife crawling and unable to neither walk nor talk.

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A Nakuru County official is in trouble after police discovered six of sixty stolen seats from State House Nakuru at his hotel located along Kenyatta Avenue.

The award-winning hitmaker talked to Nation about why he never turns down a chance to perform in Kenya, upcoming projects with Sauti Sol, rumored relationships with former supermodel Naomi Campbell and singer Tiwa Savage. This is your fourth time in Kenya in a short span of time, you must be loving the country? Have you collaborated with any Kenyan artiste during any of your visits?

I am always in studio with Sauti Sol every time I am here, creating art with those talented guys; they are amazing. How come we are yet to see any collabo song between you and Sauti Sol? We already have like five, six songs together that we are working on and many more to come. Can you work with Davido now, or is there still bad blood between you guys? Of course, I can work with Davido.

East Africa Odyssey

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Prisons fall to Algerian club at Volleyball Club Championships. Pastor speaks out on why he refused to wed Nakuru couple- VIDEO. Socialite Amber Ray confirms dating promoter Syd.

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The audience is varied with locals mixing with tourists and expats from all ov Telephone 36 Ngog Racecourse, Nairobi Clubarn is located inside Ngong Race course and is a very popular place among the local residents. It is partitioned into different areas, a main disco with a dance floor, level sitting area, D. J booth and upper foyer along with a pool table.

The bar has 3 main sections: The outside terrace for cooling down in the evenings from where one can watch the activity

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Japanese schools’ extra-curricular activities are centered on “club activities” organized by the students themselves. Each club will generally be assigned its own room or other facilities, will have an advisor who doesn’t always appear on screen , and will have a powerful president kaicho who’ll be a significant character of some sort. For series that revolve around a specific club, the club’s president frequently replaces the Student Council president in importance.

The three most commonly portrayed clubs are the student council, the school newspaper, and the Kendo team. For the newspaper, see School Newspaper Newshound. For the Kendo team, see Kendo Team Captain. Other clubs range from normal sport clubs baseball, soccer, swimming etc. And then there are the clubs no sane school or student council would accept in reality, be it more or less shadowy fan clubs for popular students or just ” the place where we hang out, when we are not doing something completely crazy.

The members themselves will always be those the story needs and not the unsorted bunch you would have to deal with in reality. It’s more mixed with the advisor, who can be anything from lazy over frustrated or enthusiastic to outright crazy. That is of course if the advisor is around. In fact quite a few clubs hardly see their advisor or don’t even seem to have one at all. It’s rare for a student to be a member of more than one club — School Clubs Are Serious Business in Japan, as they are seen as training for the companies students will eventually join when they enter the adult world.

Since company loyalty and longevity are highly prized in the Japanese workforce, it’s considered downright rude to devote time to more than one club, or worse, quit one club for another.

Jamhuri High School closed after students clash over discrimination

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By Eric Sindabi and Harrisson Muigai It is a hot afternoon as we arrive at Kihingo village along Nakuru/Mau Narok highway. An elderly woman is seated on a wooden chair outside her home a few meters away from the business centre.

You will see the virtual obliteration of the industrial culture, the national sovereignty, and even the mortal existence of the nation called Australia. You will see exemplary evidence of the same operations being conducted against countries of Asia and continental Europe. It is readily and fairly calculated, that the policy-measures which the Prince and his accomplices have adopted, and are implementing currently would, if allowed, reduce the population of this planet from a current level of about 5.

Under conditions produced as a byproduct of such concentrated shock to the collective immune-system of all higher forms of life, it is by no means assured that any human beings would exist at the close of the coming century, if the Prince and his accomplices were not stopped, and the policies reversed, now. We might hope such a holocaust were not certain, but we dare not risk that wish; in any case, the Prince, his accomplices, and their evil policies must be stopped now. One must not overestimate the morality of those sections of the oligarchy which are working toward the ouster of the Windsors, of the Thatcherites, or both.

From the standpoint of such factions of the oligarchy, the essential crime of the Windsors and the Thatcherites like the Bush-leaguers in the U. No doubt, many of the eugenicists of the oligarchy view this “fanatical stupidity” as the result of something like a flaw in the family’s genes, whether from Philip’s side of the family, or to be found already among Victoria’s brood.

Put summarily, the world seems headed toward Hell in the proverbial wheelbarrow, and the Windsors and Thatcherites won’t get off the track of their failed New Age experiments. They appear as a degenerate stage of a species, which is no longer capable of presenting, or tolerating new ideas, at a time that valid new conceptions of policy are desperately wanted.

In brief, if our adversary recognizes that his recent strategic reverses are caused by the fact that several of his generals are fanatically stupid commanders, one should acknowledge the fact that this probably correct perception has arisen, but should not fear that our reporting that truth renders EIR in any sense well-wishers of the adversary’s cause. Rather, such developments on the adversary’s side as the recognition that the current basket of Windsors or Thatcherites may be the proverbial “runts of the litter,” should warn us not to be misled into any self-deluding scape-goating of Prince Philip.

He has been but the defective instrument of a policy-interest which was defined millennia before he was born, and will be a continuing danger for at least the several decades immediately before us, after he is departed. The crime documented in this report is by far the greatest crime perpetrated in all human history:

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