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The Random House Dictionary defines a cult as: As a result I will try to narrow down the definitions and streamline my focus. I would like to focus on definitions numbered 1, 2, 4 and 6. We all know of the particular cults that have come and gone. Basically, David Koresh lead a group of people to their deaths because of a false ideology and set of beliefs that was unorthodox, extremist AND with members living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader, see definition 6. The only reason I mention David Koresh in this context is to set apart what we typically think of as a cult. The Branch Davidians characterized ALL the stipulations of definition 6 above so this is an easy one to spot. Just think about the way Jesus must have been portrayed in his society during the time of his ministry.

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Back to Top Post by Beulah5 on Aug 26, 4: Over the years as i grow in the lord i realise that if i do not pursue intimacy with the lord and His will for my life then i am not going to be of use to myself my husband or any relations He puts around me. One day i was in church and they were asking for people who wanted to receive some anointing to go forward as i was going the lord nailed me to the floor and stuck me there-He said to me: I am snapping independence out of you i want you to see that without me you can do nothing and that i want to be involved in every aspect, every minute, every decision i want to be foremost.

Saints after that i tried to get up but was stuck to the floor.

Chapter Three. The Jewish Question. To illustrate the history of the Jewish people from its earliest beginnings down through the ages to the present day, as seen and depicted by the Jewish mind itself, we give the following account from the Chicago Tribune, July 4,

An unavoidable name in the history of European architecture is Luciano Laurana Lucijano Vranjanin, , a Croat born near Zadar. Several Early Renaissance palaces and portals had been built up in Italian cities according to his design: He considerably influenced the development of Renaissance architecture. His projects were accompanied with notes in the Croatian glagolitic script , as witnessed by the famous Bernardo Baldi. His portrait busts of women represent the highest achievement of the Quatroccento sculpture.

His disciple was the famous Donato Bramante. See [ Gregory Peroche ], p. Their 4 sculptures and bas-reliefs can be seen in the first hall. It is interesting that Renaissance art appeared in Croatia about a hundred years earlier than in France. Juraj Giorgio Spavento was an important 15th century builder in Venice, whom chronicler Marin Sanuto called homo di grande inzegno. He was a protomaster in construction of the Venetian bell-tower of basilica of St Marco.

He participated in building of monumental Scale dei Giganti in Ducal Palace, and was involved in questions of regulation of a canal around Ponte dei Navi in Venetian arsenal. Italian historiography seems to be reluctant to stress that his birthplace was the city of Trogir.

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Some even believed that all his teachings and miracles were for nothing. What his disciples didn’t understand until the third day was that Jesus’ death wasn’t the end of the story. In fact, his resurrection proved that his death was actually his victory. His resurrection allowed his disciples to understand Jesus’ ministry, suffering and death from a completely new perspective. And when John wrote the book of Revelation, his readers needed this new perspective too.

The early church faced persecution from the powerful Roman Empire.

This Blog deals with world and church trends and Bible prophecy so I would be remiss if I did not write something about the first Jesuit Pope ever to take the throne.

Completely understand revelation in 5 minutes The book of Revelation is the easiest book in the Bible to understand… that is of course if you were a Jew living in Jerusalem in AD The overarching theme of the book of Revelation is the extinction of physical Mosaic Judaism with the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple as the final phase of fulfilment of Jeremiah The two destructions happened on the exact same day of the year, the 10th Av. Both Nebuchadnezzar and Titus were crown princes when they captured Jerusalem and both went on to become kings.

There are two key Revelation verses that prove when and why it was written: In fact, the central theme of Revelation is the punishment for the Jewish rejection of their messiah, the Jewish persecution of Christians as seen in Rev 1: The symbolic language of Revelation describes historic events of the destruction of Jerusalem. The Jews destroyed Jerusalem first, then the Romans Josephus strongly places the blame for the destruction of the temple upon the three waring Jewish Zealot leaders inside the city, Eleazar ben Simon, Simon ben Giora, John of Gischala.

Even Jewish Josephus commented that God destroyed the city in His wrath and justice because of the moral wickedness. Josephus judged the Jewish Zealots guilty for desecrating and destroying the temple themselves and judges the Romans innocent because they took every possible step to protect the temple from being destroyed by the Jews. This echoes the six trials before the crucifixion of Christ where the first three Jewish trials judged Jesus guilty and the last three Roman trials judged Him innocent.

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Pope Francis now rules over half of what is called Christendom with its 1. This Pope will also have great influence with other world religious leaders and world governments. I recently have already written on the supposed prophecy attributed to St. The prophecy says that Peter the Roman will be the last Pope before Rome is destroyed and judgment comes on the world. This present Pope is the th Pope and last Pope on the Malachy list.

Related posts: Hank Hanegraff thinks premillennialism is a fad that has run its course I received this email about Hank Hanegraff I thought it might be of interest to some. I first would like to thank you for your very informative and skillfully created website.

I am pretty sure that is correct. March 16, at March 16, at 6: Jesus was sinless all of His life. Let me get this straight, they are infallible but they die due to sinful nature. I wonder if they display the count in roman numerals? That is one seriously messed up organization. March 16, at 8: Saul was a prime example and so are many Jesuits.

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The Ausar Auset Society is a Pan-African religious organization that has been providing Afrocentric based spiritual training to the African-American community and to African descendants in the Diaspora, as well as a social vehicle that allows for the expression of the spiritual values learned, for over 30 years. The Kamitic Tree of Life Paut Neteru forms the basis of the cosmogony philosophy of this ancient system.

It reunites the traditions of the great Black founders of civilization, allowing us to weave their knowledge into a spiritually empowering way of life which aims at the awakening of the Ausar principle the Divine Self within each being. For a people to grow spiritually, and hence, come harmoniously and productively together, they must encounter the spiritualizing forces, not in the halls of education or between the pages of books, but at every turn of their day to day interaction with life and with each other.

The Ausar Auset Society has based its government on the traditional African Kingship structure which has been officially recognized by the Asantehene King of the Ashantis of Ghana.

There’s a game I like to play called the appreciation game. This is a practice created by the great teacher Abraham-Hicks. It’s an awesome game because it’s a lot of fun and everyone wins.

The word that came to Jeremiah similar phrase in Jer 7: What we are reading is the inspired, inerrant Word from God to and through Jeremiah to us the readers. It is God breathed and profitable and in the context it a Word the Jews needed to hear. The first 29 chapters of Jeremiah were primarily with a few exceptional passages judgmental. Beginning in Jeremiah we have a more encouraging message which most writers have referred to as the “Book of Consolation.

Only the last section Jeremiah Application of the word that come to Jeremiah – Beloved, while we cannot receive a word of new revelation from Jehovah as did Jeremiah, we can receive a Word from Jehovah in and through His living and active Word. Draw near to Him today in His Word as you read it prayerfully and expectantly and He will draw near to you James 4: And don’t rush through your time in the Word, for you are sitting in the presence of the King and it should be time you cherish because of its His inestimable value to your soul and spirit Be like Mary listening at His feet, not Martha who was distracted with her preparations – Lk Learn to mediate on His Word, “chewing” over meditating on what you read, asking simple who, what, where, why, and how questions to stir your mind and heart.

God’s Spirit will lead you pray Ps

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

The Form of God and Vision of the Glory: Experienta lui Dumnezeu in Orthodoxie Sibiu: A Controversy at the turn of the Fifth Century In late winter of the annual paschal epistle of the Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria took occasion to condemn at length the teaching that God has a human form. The letter itself is no longer extant, but John Cassian, together with Palladius and the Church historians, Sozomen and Socrates, all agree that it hit a nerve among the monks of Egypt [1]. Cassian tells us that in three of the four churches at Scete the priests refused to read the patriarch’s letter aloud [2], while Socrates and Sozomen report a mob of angry ascetics converging on the patriarchal residence bent on lynching the offending prelate [3].

Although both historians leave the reader with the impression that they would have quite liked to see Theophilus dangling from the nearest lamp-post, neither evinces any sympathy for the views of the protesting monks.

This article is one I have been ruminating about for some time. It was about three years ago when the Lord laid the title on my heart. I began praying about it and searching the Scriptures and turning it over and over in my mind.

Add to fav Do you ever feel like the same situation or problem keeps coming up in your life again and again in different forms? One common one has to do with dating — lots of people have told me they feel like they keep manifesting the same relationship with different partners. Or maybe you keep repeating a cycle when it comes to money, or with your job. Maybe you have a physical problem that resurfaces every so often.

These are called Universal assignments, aka spiritual assignments. I recently went live on Facebook to talk about this chapter of the book and give an overview of how to recognize Universal assignments and show up for them. You can watch the whole video below, or keep reading. Watch the Facebook live video here: As an adult Lance became sober and quit dating for a few years to focus on his recovery.

When he decided to start dating again, he got into a relationship with an awesome woman who was super into him and respected him deeply. Well, not to Lance. He came to me one day saying he had to break up with her because she clearly needed to be with someone smarter than him. What she intended as loving jokes triggered his wounds big-time! I could see the light bulb go off over his head.

Is Jesuit Pope Francis the Antichrist or the False Prophet?

After serving two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he returned home five years later with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and a profound sense of guilt. Combs shares how a program for emotionally wounded warriors — and a video camera — helped him heal. What was the experience of serving in Iraq and Afghanistan like for you? The deployments were intense. Afghanistan was the most intense deployment because we did the most ground operations in very remote areas.

What is over-spiritualizing? I see a lot of people walking around carrying a lot of pain, discomfort and negative experiences that they haven’t let go of. Many people resent family members, friends, coworkers and people from their past.

March 8, at 5: No surprise there as Islam has taqqiya which allows Moslems to lie to us infidels. Indeed, prior to Israel changing her name back to that by which Jesus Christ, the Apostles and all Jews had called it up till 70 AD, and the consequent Diaspora, only the indigenous Jews of the area where called Palestinians: The Palestine Post was Jewish. The Palestine orchestra was Jewish. The indigenous Jews at that time merely called themselves by the name given to them by the Romans.

There was always a Jewish presence there since 70AD till and they called themselves Palestinians. This has always happened to conquered peoples and they return to their ancient names when they are liberated. Israel merely did the same as have many other nations. Besides God Himself designated them as Israel, not Palestine. And we know where ALL liars are going [Rev Palestine—Philistia—was in the area of the Lebanon, not where Israel is and as always been since God put them there.

Also, so-called Palestinians are not Semites, as they claim. The are Hashemites, as the Jordanians call themselves.


Yet, if Planet X, is truly not a planet but actually a Binary Dwarf Brown Star to our current Sun, then any one of its seven planets, of a more asteroid size, could possibly strike Planet Earth, either on land or in the ocean. With its catastrophic impact, they would not obliterate Planet Earth, a fact that is ruled out by the Jewish and Israeli prophets. As this star solar system moved into the realms of our solar system, scientists have been noticing that its gravitational pull is and has been increasing significantly as it approaches.

According to some scientific sources, Planet X traverses to the furthest regions in outer space into the Oort Cloud. Here also in this region are an estimated 6 trillion comets that may be scooped up by this dark star and taken with it on it current voyage back to earth including the ones we know:

Explains how Revelation’s context and setting can help us understand its original meaning and apply its message to our own lives in the modern world.

The second she picked up the phone I could feel her energy. It was at a very high, nervous vibration and she was speaking really fast. She went right into the story of all the things that were going wrong. All the problems, all the issues, all the fear. But I knew immediately that she was diving into the story of the victim. But then a power greater than us intervened… Watch the video below or keep reading: Without even thinking, an intuitive, authoritative voice came through me.

When we see ourselves as a victim in some way, we want to regain our power. So we try to control the situation by over-analyzing it and obsessing over it. We think the only way to feel better is to let it out and talk about it.

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