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Year and model shown as prefix to engine number. For example 8-T is a Speed Twin (later identified as “5T” instead of just “T”).

Brakes Older Raleigh-made brakes used special cables with moulded ends on both ends of the cables, as shown. These cables are no longer available. They were supplied in different configurations for front, gent’s rear and lady’s rear applications. The cable came with the adjusting barrel. To replace the cable assembly, you would unbolt the adjusting barrel from the caliper.

These cables can often be revived by dripping oil into them and working them back and forth. Later Raleigh-made brakes used standard cables with conventional anchor bolts.

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women riding motorbikes and bicycles

It has been redesigned for and the Toyota Camry Hybrid might just have outdone itself. Shares By Renee Garfinkel Is there a torturer living next door to you? When their neighbors, David and Louise Turpin, were arrested for allegedly committing the most heinous crimes of , the community of Perris, California, began struggling with “the banality of evil.

Shares By Judson Phillips A number of years ago, I was in criminal court waiting on a client’s case to be called. A pro-se defendant was pleading his case with the judge and saying things he should not. The judge advised him a couple of times not to talk.

Smith, who knows Phillips through her social service organization, learned Koop had raised more money in hopes of honoring Johnson by providing bicycles to community members.

Their aunt always has news of the officers, which they bring back home and share. One morning a certain of these conversations is interrupted by a footman bringing a letter from Netherfield for Jane. Her brother and the gentlemen will be out dining with the officers. Bennet sees it as unlucky that the men will be dining out, as it will be a missed opportunity for Jane to see Mr.

Not to worry though, Mrs. Bennet has a plan. When Jane asks if she can take the coach, Mrs. Bennet tells her she will go on horseback as it looks like it will rain and she will have to stay all night. Bennet has thought this one out as Mr.


Frank Bowden, a successful lawyer and convert to cycling, bought the firm in and in December founded The Raleigh Cycle Company as a limited liability private company. In , Sturmey-Archer gears were added to the product range. Six years later, Bowden bought back Raleigh, which was to remain in family hands for the next quarter century. By the early s, Raleigh was a world leader, capable of producing annually , cycles, , hub gears 15, motorcycles and 50, motorcycle gearboxes.

Raleigh survived the Great Depression well.

Here we have a pair of Phillips rat trap style pedals. Great for a ’s or ’s bicycles. These are good being a larger pedal than most. Here we have for sale – a very nice Raleigh bicycle – probably dating from the late s or s. A brief bit of research suggests it could be a ‘Gentlemans Touring’ model – possibly an ex-police.

Subscriptions 14 JULY Zara Phillips swapped prized ponies for a two-wheeled “steed” this weekend as she went head-to-head against on-off boyfriend Richard Johnson in a charity bicycle polo contest. The stunning royal, who recently reunited with jockey Richard after a high-profile split, looked right at home on her hot pink and blue bike, but it wasn’t long before she fell off it.

In one of the most dramatic moments of the contest, the year-old blonde took a tumble, colliding with another player. As a result of the accident, the back wheel of Zara’s bicycle was badly buckled and in need of repair. The spirited young daughter of Princess Anne was unhurt and unfazed, however, carrying her damaged bike off the field with a smile. And, a good sport after losing to boyfriend Richard’s team, she went on to continue with the festivities, wrapping up the competition with a champagne toast.

Proceeds from the three chukkas polo charity match in Tidworth, Wiltshire, went to Inspire, a spinal injury organisation based at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre in Wiltshire. Zara and her boyfriend Richard Johnson swapped their horses for bicycles during the fun-filled charity polo match Photo:

The Golden Age of 3 Speeds

It was marketed through Raleigh’s existing chain of cycle dealers. This necessitated the use of coupled brakes and three handlebar levers to comply with the legal requirement to have two independent braking systems. By the year end sales were falling due to many dealers lacking both the spares and expertise to service the machines. It was now finished in maroon and light grey.

Phillips retired from the high seas last year and these days gives talks such as the keynote speech at the insurance conference and autographs copies of his book, A Captain’s Duty.

Tuesday, December 19, American Flyers: Export Models To cyclist the world over the name ‘Carlton’ stands supreme for hand-made cycle design, construction and finish. It is Carlton policy, however, to supply our machines only through Carlton dealers, who have been selected for their interest in cycling and their ability to give satisfactory service. A genuine hand-made cycle is lively and responsive. The acquisition of Carlton by Raleigh in marked a new era for the company in building and selling top-end racing bicycles.

It led, eventually, to its sponsoring the first British team to win the Tour de France, and for the first and only time, with a British designed and built bicycle. At the same time, Carlton was suddenly thrust into the nascent American market and figured prominently in the country’s astonishing “Bike Boom” of the mid s. In many ways, America was the making and eventually the breaking of Carlton which went from a small bespoke factory to one mass producing more high end British racing bicycles than any firm before or since.

This article attempts to document Carlton’s initial exports to the United States c. What was then the largest cycle factory in the world, Raleigh’s famous Nottingham works, was the backdrop to a newly released film, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, based on a story by Nottingham native and former Raleigh employee Alan Sillitoe and starring Albert Finney.

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In the spring of that year, they started advertising in the local press. The Nottinghamshire Guardian of 15 May printed what was possibly the first Woodhead and Angois classified advertisement. Raleigh advert from Russell Street Cycle Works. He was a lace gasser, a service provider involved in the bleaching and treating of lace, with premises in nearby Clare Street and Glasshouse Street.

Thanks to Ellis, the bicycle works had now expanded round the corner from Raleigh Street into former lace works on the adjoining road, Russell Street.

Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Bicycles. The precursor to the modern-day bicycle was the Draisine, named for its German inventor, Karl von Drais.

It felt slow to me, but on top of hard-packed snow it just cruised. I had the chance to ride the first snow bike that Erik ever made. That Peacock Groove bike was a hoot to ride around through the Minneapolis autumn leaves, and I understood what a game changer a bike like that would be for a cyclist who had to endure a midwest winter. Now I have to admit that neither of these bikes were even close to being the first fat bikes.

Just a judgement call on our part. Now, to start, there were two bicycle brands named Carbine in Australia a hundred years ago. Henderson of Sydney this is the Carbine related to our bike. Both brands got their name from a race horse that won the Melbourne Cup. Henderson eventually sold the business to Fred Walcott, an ex-racer, in about Walcott manufactured and sold Carbines from his shop on Wentworth Avenue in Sydney until At the New South Wales championship, riders aboard Carbine bicycles took all of the podium spots.

At some point in the recent past the frame got refinished and the parts got some fresh chrome plating. In the case of this Carbine, the painter was not up to the task. The horse head badge is almost totally obscured by gobs of paint.

History of the bicycle

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The first Raleigh bicycles were made in the summer of in a small workshop situated in Raleigh Street, Nottingham at the rate of 10 per week. Raleigh announced their first moped at the Savoy Hotel, London in October. This was known as the RM 1 and finished in two tone grey. It had a Sturmey.

This is an archive of Vintage Bicycle Information. For current Discussions, go to our main site: If you are trying to determine the make and model of your bicycle, go to our Vintage Bicycle Picture Database which details bicycle features, wheel sizes, etc. Glen’s Complete bicycle manuel. Great wonderous balls of fire! Every hub, Schwinn, Sturmey-Archer all of it! Have a rare or used book dealer look and contact other book dealers they know.

Best advice I can give here is: Go get yourself a stash of old bicycle repair books.

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Replica made from the alleged Caprotti sketch. There are several early but unverified claims for the invention of the bicycle. The earliest comes from a sketch said to be from and attributed to Gian Giacomo Caprotti , a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci.

Club bicycles would be likely to have a more exotic Sturmey-Archer hub, perhaps a medium- or close-ratio model, 3 or 4 speed. Servicing English 3-speeds. Both “Raleigh-type” and “Phillips-type” brakes usually have a fiber washer between the two caliper arms on the center bolt. This should get a drop of oil from time to time.

The River Falls man was riding home from work last summer when the once-trusty bike’s crank system conked out. He contemplated putting his backup road bike into action, but that was a short-term solution. The backup’s tires were thin and slick — not viable for the four-season workload Phillips knew he’d need to put on the bike. I do ride in the blizzards, too. That’s when a bit of local fate apparently stepped in.

Smith, who knows Phillips through her social service organization, learned Koop had raised more money in hopes of honoring Johnson by providing bicycles to community members. But Koop hadn’t yet received a nomination for the bike program. Aware of Phillips’ bike dilemma, she asked if he’d be OK being nominated. As it turned out, Phillips was the lone nominee. A new bike, he learned, would be waiting for him.

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